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Adapt to the new normal with free messaging tools.

Podium not only helps you know when new Google reviews go live, it helps you generate more Google reviews to get found, get chosen, and get insight. With Podium, we believe customers are your best form of marketing and reviews are the best medium. See why Podium is trusted by over 55,000 businesses.

“Our sales have increased. Our traffic has increased, and our customers aren’t shy to tell us it’s because of our reviews.”

Christen Cawley, Shannon Fine Jewelry

“Being able to manage a lot of different channels from one site was very attractive. We were learning to do a lot more text communication with patients. It had to be text to be really effective.” 

Brent Kell, CEO, Valley Immediate Care

“30% of the people who come through our doors started their conversation with Couch Potatoes on our website through Webchat.” 

Brian Morgan