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Your customers text. So should your business.


Running a business can be hard under normal circumstances, but it’s even harder now. Podium Starter is a free set of essential messaging tools that streamlines your interactions with customers helping you:

● Collect more reviews
● Text customers from an all-in-one inbox
● Manage Google & Facebook messages
● Text enable your site with Webchat
● Collect payments via text

All through text messaging. Get started today!

“We are dominating local search and local reviews because of what Podium has done for us.”

Austin’s Couch Potatoes


“Podium’s Webchat provides more than just comfort to customers, it adds a layer of convenience.” 

Javier Becerra, Loyalty Pawn

You already know how to use it. 


Adapting to modern customer expectations can be intimidating. That’s where Podium comes in.

Everything is powered through messaging. Connecting with leads, messaging customers, processing payments, and collecting reviews is as easy as pressing send. If you know how to text, you know how to use our messaging tools. 

Doing business at the speed of text. 


In a world of on-demand everything, speed is everything. And because messaging gets such high read and response rates, you’ll be able to close before the competition even gets around to calling them back.

It’s more efficient for you and your team, and it creates a much better experience for you customers. 

Get paid fast. From anywhere. 

Paper bills get thrown away and calls get ignored. So why are businesses still playing phone tag and sending out snail mail to get paid?

With Podium, you can get paid simply by sending a quick text with a link. All the customer has to do is pick their preferred method of payment and take care of the rest. It works just as well from six feet as it does from sixty miles. 

Set your chat free.

Connecting with a business and getting answers shouldn’t require a customer to be chained to their computer. With Webchat, the conversation is immediately taken to text so the conversation doesn’t get lost when they leave your site.

This moment should be the beginning of a seamless experience, not the end. The best part? The next time they need your business they won’t have to Google you or go to your site because you’ll already be saved in their phones. All they have to do is text. 

“Our sales have increased. Our traffic has increased, and our customers aren’t shy to tell us it’s because of our reviews.”

Christen Cawley, Shannon Fine Jewelry

“Being able to manage a lot of different channels from one site was very attractive. We were learning to do a lot more text communication with patients. It had to be text to be really effective.” 

Brent Kell, CEO, Valley Immediate Care

“30% of the people who come through our doors started their conversation with Couch Potatoes on our website through Webchat.” 

Brian Morgan