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Get paid fast. From anywhere.


Paper bills get thrown away and calls get ignored. So why are businesses still playing phone tag and sending out snail mail to get paid? With Podium, you can get paid simply by sending a quick text with a link. All the customer has to do is pick their preferred method of payment and take care of the rest. It works just as well from six feet as it does from sixty miles. 

Turn texting into a sales channel and stop waiting for payment. With Podium Payments, you’ll get paid faster because texts get opened and deals get done.


(No obligation. No credit card required.)

stop chasing payments

“Customers that use Podium Payments are significantly happier versus having to drive all the way back to the store and deal with another salesperson.” 

Ashley Furniture


We’ve been really happy with Podium Payments. Instead of sending a paper invoice we send via text. The very first run we sent the original invoice to the patients we had a 40 percent response rate same day. And half of those patients paid their entire balance same day.”

Valley Immediate Care

Your customers text. So should your business.


Texting isn’t just easy and convenient, it’s universal. It’s how everyone communicates. For better or worse, the way you communicate with customers is a direct reflection of the rest of your business. When you show them that you’re on top of the way you communicate, you’re letting them know that you’re on top of everything else you do. 


Doing business at the speed of text. 


In a world of on-demand everything, speed is everything. And because messaging gets such high read and response rates, you’ll be able to close deals before the competition even gets around to calling them back. It’s more efficient for you and your team, and it creates a much better experience for your customers. 


Powerful messaging tools. Built for local business.


Whether you need more reviews, want to get paid faster and more consistently, or turn your website into a lead generating machine—Podium’s messaging tools leverage the convenience of texting to get the job done. 

If you know how to text, you already know how to get more reviews, connect with more website visitors, and get paid fast from anywhere. You just need the right messaging tools. With Podium, everything is as easy as sending a quick message. Not only is it the easiest way to drive results, it’s the way consumers prefer to interact.


(No obligation. No credit card required.)